100KX - NSF Grade

Product specifications

Electric or Manual

Product description

-NSF Grade -Production capacity: 3,000 tortillas per hour (220 Lbs per hour. aprox.) -Gas consumption: 5.240 M3 per hour (Natural gas) 1 Inch Gas inlet 185,069 BTU´s per hour, 10 Oz. pressure -2 Motors 2 HP (Motors and electric parts are NOM, UL, CE.) -Amperage: 220V-60Hz Biphasic (Two faces) -Electricity consumption: 2 Kw. per hour, 9.5 Ampers per phase.

Typical lead time

Lead time: 4 weeks 50% due when ordering equipment, 50% due prior to machine leaving our facility in Mexico City from time of order

Typical shipping details

We handle shipping from Mexico City, MX. If you are interested, please contact us for a quote on shipping.