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Multi Component Mixing

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Product specifications

265 - 39,600 gal/h (10 - 1,500 hl/h)
Dosing Range OG
7 - 20 °P
Dosing Accuracy OG
Plus/Minus 0.05 °P
Dosing Range Alcohol
0 - 10 Vol. %
Dosing Accuracy
Plus/Minus 0.03 Vol. %
Dosing Range CO2
0.07 - 1.34 oz/gal (0.5 - 10 g/l)
Dosing Accuracy CO2
Plus/Minus 0.013 oz/gal (option: Plus/Minus 0.007 oz/gal) (Plus/Minus 0.1 g/l (option: Plus/Minus 0.05 g/l))
Dosing Range Brix
0 - 85 °Brix (80 - 120 % Diet)
Dosing Accuracy Brix
Plus/Minus 0.03 °Brix (Plus/Minus 1 % Diet)

Product description

The MultiMixer is used for the continuous mixing of several streams of liquid products, e. g. beer, syrup and flavours. Since the number of blending channels can be adapted to individual needs, the skid provides a high degree of flexibility for the production of different products (brands). The components to be mixed can be supplied from storage tanks via supply lines or from vessels located on the skid. Mass flows and concentrations are permanently measured in the process and adjusted by ratio controllers. Therefore, the system is equipped with high precision flow meters and in-line sensors made by Centec. Frequently, the MultiMixer is also used for carbonation. In this case the skid contains a specifically designed Vortex-Venturi injector that feeds CO2 in a very large number of very fine bubbles directly into the product stream. Based on accurate in-line measurements, the product steam and the carbon dioxide flow are instantly and fully automatically monitored and adjusted. Thus, repeatable results and minimum product losses are guaranteed. - High precision in-line sensor technology for process control - Excellent accuracy and minimum product losses - Customized design; different automation levels

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