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Propagation of Yeast

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Product specifications

1.4301/AISI 304; 1.4404/AISI 316L; etc.
26 - 530 gal (1 - 20 hl) per propagation tank

Product description

The Yeast Propagator consists of one or more individually controllable propagation tanks. The number and the size of these propagators relates to the brewery's capacity and the processes. For yeast propagation the yeast suspension is filled into the propagator and mixed with fresh wort until the desired yeast quantity and cell concentration are reached. At the same time the mixture is aerated and gently recirculated to achieve homogeneity. Inside the propagator the yeast cells grow in sterile environment. For aeration oxygen or sterile air is used. The O2 content is permanently monitored using a high precision optical OXYTRANS sensor made by Centec. Ideal and stable conditions inside the propagation tank result in vital and healthy yeast cells with nearly 100 % viability. The yeast cells can be pitched into the wort stream for fermentation, or they are transferred to other propagators for further yeast growth. All yeast pumps and components in the system are designed for very gentle yeast treatment, so as to fully preserve the viability and vitality of the yeast cells. - Maximum viability and vitality of the yeast cells - High microbiological security at all stages of the process - Customized design; different automation levels

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