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Wort Aeration

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Product specifications

265 - 79,200 gal/h (10 - 3,000 hl/h)
Dosing Range O2
8 - 40 ppm

Product description

The Wort Aerator is used for the continuous and highly accurate injection of oxygen or sterile air into beer wort. The solubility of oxygen in wort depends on the temperature. The colder the liquid, the better is the oxygen solubility. Therefore, aeration is done after cooling of the wort. The amount of oxygen or sterile air to be added to the wort depends on various factors, e.g. original gravity, type of yeast and the desired final product characteristics. The Wort Aerator can be designed for manual or fully automated operation. Automated systems measure and control the O2 content of the wort with highest precision with an optical OXYTRANS sensor made by Centec. Based on oxygen and flow measurement, the amount of oxygen injected is precisely adjusted to match the measured wort flow. For O2 injection the Wort Aerator has a specifically designed Vortex-Venturi injector that feeds oxygen directly into the product stream. The Wort Aerator is equipped with a sterile filter system to sterilize the incoming gas. - High precision OXYTRANS O2 sensor for process control - Specifically designed Vortex-Venturi injector for O2 injection - Customized design; different automation levels

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