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ChillX - 2 Ton Budget Vertical Chiller1-Phase 208/230V

Product specifications

Power Supply
208/230V 1 Phase
Chiller Capacity
2 Ton
24,000 BTU/HR

Product description

Our ChillX Budget Vertical chillers come in capacities from 1.5-3 ton and represent a very flexible and affordable option for the budget-minded user, but sparing none of the features and custom design elements we've come to expect from higher end ChillX units. Backed by the same industry leading warranties and outstanding service guarantees, you'll get a great deal of value from our budget line. ChillX Horizontal, and Vertical chillers are custom designed and manufactured to our specifications by ChillX's expert craftsman. These chillers range in capacity from 1 to 6 tons and offer an array of options and essential features, such as: auto fill mechanism on all self-contained-chiller (SCC) models with built-in reservoirs, custom designed and hand-built evaporator coils and reservoirs, and optional water distribution manifolds constructed to meet your exact needs. These innovative distribution water manifolds drastically reduce the typical manifold footprint, can fit in a cabinet 30"W X 19"H X 12"D, and in most cases can serve up to ten pieces of equipment from a single manifold! Evaporator In Tank Units equipped with our stainless steel reservoir have our custom evaporator coil assembled right in the tank, with no internal welds offering unparalleled performance, longevity, and servicability. Many of our coil and reservoir design elements are unique to ChillX, and serve to maximize the refrigeration circuit and drastically improve water flow around the evaporator in order to attain maximum heat exchange. Electrical ChillX uses nothing but UL approved components in our systems. These systems can be wired single phase, three phase 208V and three phase 460V, 480V or 575V-600V. Temperature Controller and Circuit The temperature control circuit is wired using the dependable and versatile RANCO controller. This unit can be wired 24V, 120V, or 240V. Many other options are available. Refrigeration Our ChillX Chillers use only the best of components in the refrigeration circuit. Horizontal, Vertical and Remote chillers have Copeland compressors with a suction filter and liquid dryer that ensure many years of efficient, and dependable service. Specifications: - 24,000 BTU/HR at 95F degree ambient and 55F degree water out - Budget units come only in "regular temp" versions at 55F LWT - Electrical: 208/230V, 60hz single phase - Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 23, Maximum Fuse Size 36 Amps - One 16 gallon stainless steel tank with ChillX evaporator coil - 1/2 HP water pump: 22GPM max, 36 PSI max - R410a Refrigerant - One 24,000 BTU/HR Copeland scroll compressor - Approximate shipping weight 400 LBS - Dimensions: 26-1/2" wide, 25-1/2" long, 62" tall - Decibels: 75

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ChillX Chillers price
$6,125 / unit
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