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ChillX - 5 Ton Low Profile Low Temp Self-Contained Chiller (208/230V 1-P)

Product specifications

Power Supply
208/230V 1 Phase
Chiller Capacity
60,000 BTU/HR

Product description

Our new ChillX Low Profile Low Temp Self-Contained Chillers are designed for users with a steady heat load demand where latent capacity (reservoir storage) is less important. These units offer a smaller reservoir than our largest commercial units, but use the exact same in-reservoir evaporators as their larger cousins. These chillers are a great price and running cost compromise without sacrificing any of the efficiencies and performance of our biggest self-contained chillers, with the advantage of a lower price point and reduced power consumption during idle times. Features 24" tall base Built-in reservoir & pump No -freeze in-reservoir evaporator Easy access service panels Dual compressor units offer redundancy and staging for added efficiency Designed and manufactured in the USA Specifications: -Low Temperature Capable - 60,000 BTU/HR at 55F LWT and 90F ambient - 30,000 BTU/HR (approximately) at 28F LWT and 90F ambient - Electrical: 208/230V, 60hz single phase - Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 42, Maximum Fuse Size 68 Amps - Built-in 36 gallon stainless cooling reservoir with no-freeze ChillX evaporator coil inside - 1 HP water pump: 47 GPM max, 49 PSI max - R410a Refrigerant - One 60,000 BTU/HR Copeland scroll compressor - Weight: 490 lbs - Dimensions: 36" wide, 36" long, 60-1/2" tall - Decibels: 76 dB

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ChillX Chillers price
$7,865 / unit
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