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Chocovision Revolation X3210 (Rev X) Temperer Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine


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BONUS OFFER ($199.00 VALUE) - HOLEY BAFFLE (INCREASES MACHINE CAPACITY TO 17 LBS) INCLUDED FREE WITH MACHINE PURCHASE! This is the solution for production facilities--built with stainless steel construction and state-of-the-art design and technology. Our acclaimed microprocessor control card ensures tempering and holding chocolate to within 2/10th of a degree. A deceptively space-efficient machine, the Revolation X 3210 can melt and temper up to 10 pounds (17 lbs when using the holey baffle!) of chocolate in about an hour, in so simple a manor that a novice can produce the same breathtaking results as a seasoned chocolatier! It also continuously maintains perfect temper conditions and is equipped with a removable bowl and baffle and one touch short/long tempering methods. NSF APPROVED. FEATURES: Automatically tempers up to 10 lbs of chocolate in under one hour. BONUS: FREE Holey Baffle ($199.00 value) included with purchase will increase the capacity to 17 lbs! Fully controllable digital control panel. Fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air. Bowl Pause. Manual Temperature Adjustment (up to 130 degrees during the Melt Cycle, 100 degrees in Temper Mode). Overnight (Standby) Mode. Set and hold temper point to 2/10ths of a degree Fahrenheit. Customized heat control. Heater On Only-Once a chocolate type is selected, the HEATER will be activated without rotation of the bowl for a 30-minute countdown. Afterwards, the bowl sets into its normal rotation. The state of the art software focuses on specific high-stress areas of the original machines, designed to operate efficiently under the most demanding of circumstances Customized Heat Control-In order to better control the chocolate's viscosity, the temperature can now be adjusted past 32°C in READY MODE. The new temperature range is from 27° - 38°C Baffle Connection-If the BAFFLE becomes inadvertently disengaged, re-tighten BAFFLE KNOB and the machine resumes its previous mode Sleek Stainless Steel Design One year manufacturer's warranty. ADDITIONAL INFO: Minimum Capacity: 1.5 lbs. (3 lbs when using holey Baffle) Maximum Capacity: 10 lbs. (17 lbs when using holey baffle) Dimensions: 18.25"W x 18.25"D x 7"H Electronics: 110 volts, 750 watts and 7 amps with standard US plug NSF APPROVED READ MORE (AND WATCH DEMO VIDEO) HERE:

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