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CE-12 Box Erector

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For a reliable, compact and inexpensive carton erector, the CE-12 is a smart choice. This vertical carton erector is easy to operate and maintain and is designed for high-volume, fast-paced industrial use when efficiency is essential. It is constructed from quality parts with an innovative design, and is available with either a right of left side exit. The CE-12 features a storage system of up to 100 cartons and an alarm system for reminding operators when they need to replenish the cartons. The easy to use operation panel allows adjustments to be made in a few minutes with minimal training. Available with Right or Left Side Exit Power Supply:110V Min Carton size:10"(L) x 6.5"(W) x 6"(H)* Max Carton Size 17.5"X(L) x 15.5"(W) x 15.5"(H) Working speed: 10-12ctns/min Machine size: 79"L x 74"W x 57"H Machine weight: 990 lbs * (Modification for smaller box available)

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