CE-2WF Dual Lane Weigh Filler

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Net weight filler
Dry weigh fillers are designed to help you quickly and efficiently package dry products without extra manpower. Featuring top-quality innovations like digital touchscreens and electronic motherboards, Cleveland Equipment’s automatic filling systems can be used by both small- and large-scale operations with any size staff. Multiple configurations let you operate these machines manually with a foot pedal or automatically alongside a bagging system. Quality materials like stainless steel help keep these linear weigh fillers operating at their peak for years to come.
Fill Range: 100 - 13,000 grams (Min/Max)
Output Speed: 5 - 25 deposits per minute
Capacity: Weigh Hoppers 5 Liters (5,000 ml)
EXAMPLE: Each Weigh Bucket will hold 8.5 lbs. of rice
Dual Head

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