CE-4WF Four Head Linear Weigh Filler

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Net weight filler
Cleveland Equipment’s dividable weigh fillers allow you to simply and easily divide, weigh and blend up to four products into a single bag or container. Built with innovative advancements and controls that allow for reliable accuracy each and every time, these dry product filling machines are intuitive and easy to operate. Durable constructions made with all stainless steel food contact parts let you safely weigh and package products. These machines are unique in that they allow for both manual and automated operation for use with any packaging process.
PLC Controls with Touch Screen
IP65 construction, all stainless steel food contact parts
20 Program memory
Individual circuit board per weigh bucket
Output speed varies depending on product
  * Testing shows that when filling 1lb. rice, 
      the machine will fill 32 bags per minute.
Dimensions: 35 L x 31.5 W x 41.5H
Accuracy: 1-3 grams 
   *depending on product size and machine speed.
Weigh Hoppers: 3 Liter capacity
  * Each weigh bucket will hold 6.46 lbs. of rice.
Single Wiegh Range: 10-2000 grams Min/Max
Optionals Stainless Steel Stand

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