20bbl Brite Tank - J/I

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Bright tank
Description: 20bbl Brite Tank; dish top and bottom; standard lifting lugs; 4 legs with cross bracing supporting legs, and adjustable leveling footpads

Features: pressure / vacuum relief valve (“PRV) with fixed relief at 1bar (15 psi) (tank top); clean-in-place (“CIP”) arm w/ rotating spray ball and w/ pressure gauge and regulator; manway (tank top); thermowell (tank side, above cone); port for carbonation stone (tank side, on cone); bottom trub drain (tank bottom) 

Material: AISI 304 “food grade” stainless steel (EN1.4301; UNS S30400); brushed finish; ribbon polished, TIG welds using ER308 filler rod

Jacketed & Insulated: dual-zone glycol dimpled jacket cooling system (cone and tank side), 80mm (~ 3 1/8"") thick polyurethane foam insulation

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