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7 BBL Jacketed Uni-Tank


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7 bbl
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- Interior/Exterior Tig welded 304 SS (3-A cert on tanks and parts) - 3mm Interior tank wall thickness - 2mm Exterior shell wall thickness - 3” Polyurethane insulation on shell and cone (chloride free) - 2N Sanitary interior polish (pickled and passivated) - 4N Exterior polish (3A sanitary) - Adjustable feet with anchor holes - Operating pressure 15psi (Tested at 45psi) - Tri-clover sanitary fittings on all ports including Glycol ports - Rotating racking arm with tri-clover fitting - Shadowless side man way door (15”x17”) - 15psi pressure/vacuum relief valve - Large dial pressure gauge - Ladder/hose hooks - Zwickel style sample valve - 4” hop-port with handle - 1/2” FNPT for temp control thermowell - Large dial temp gauge with 12” probe - CIP arm with 2” spray ball and 360deg of coverage - Dedicated blowoff tube - 2 piece carbonation stone with check valve - 4 Butterfly valves (All Gaskets and valves included) - 60deg cone bottom with 20% head space

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$6,935 / unit
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