Westwaard Calf Milk Pasteurizer

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The future of your farms starts with a healthy calf…
Feeding pasteurized milk is the most profitable way to feed your calves and with the different capacities DariTech offers, you get a pasteurizer to fit your every need! 
In today's dairy economy it is more important than ever to raise healthy, robust calves in the most economic method possible. By installing a calf milk pasteurizer you eliminate the need to purchase expensive milk replacer, and help increase your calves' health and growth rate.
For producers who currently feed non-pasteurized waste milk, it is a great time to make a change that will result in a healthier herd for the future. With affordable, well built, and easy-to-use equipment, Westwaard pasteurizers can be a great tool to increase the profitability of your dairy. Give us a call and allow us to detail what makes our pasteurizers stand out above the competition.

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