Pneumatic Parts Feeder

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Cap feed system
Dillin Pneumatic Parts Feeders are designed to save time, eliminate unnecessary labor, and
provide controlled delivery of parts for more efficient line operation. These units are ideally
suited to convey closures to our capping machines, but are also applicable for handling many
other small parts including liners, fitments, corks, capsules, etc.

The Pneumatic Parts Feeder is a compact,free standing unit with a powerful motor driven air blower to effectively transport parts through tubing at an adjustable rate to locations up to several hundred feet from the unit.

Flexible in design. It can easily be moved to another location by simply adding or eliminating conveyance components.

Models Available

111-200 Series
    -  Hopper Capacity: 3.8 Cubic Feet

111-700 Seires
    -  Hopper Capacity:  15.5 Cubic Feet

111-700X Series
    -  Hopper Capacity:  24.3 Cubic Feet

111-800 Series (Specially designed for larger caps)
    -  Hopper Capacities:  30 Cubic Feet and 64 Cubic Feet

111-900 Series
    -  Hopper Capacity:  60 Cubic Feet

Options Available
    -  Hester
    -  HEPA Filtration
    -  Diverter Systems

Power Requirements: 110 Volts, 220 Volts, or 440 Volts dependent upon size and model.

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