Self-standing bulk bags

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Intermediate bulk container
Self-standing bulk Bag is a cost saving semi-rigit containers. Features are designed ideally to answer your needs: Duffle top for easy filling comes with tie string, flat bottom for stability, collapsible for easy storage, space saver, 10 ‘’ lifting loops for handling by forklift, rigid body to protect your products and contamination free. 
Dino Bags self-standing bulk bag is a self-supporting bag by inserted corrugated side panel. It has 5 mil PE liner inserted. The liner secured top 4 corner by heavy duty tape. This design is also U.N. approved for Hazardous Material Packaging Groups II and III. 

They are manufactured by our ISO certified facility. Other top and filling option are available upon request. They also can be used for carrying and storage hazardous material container. It is acceptable for incineration. 
It comes folded, 35 pcs per pallet. It can be re-folded after being used

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