White Silicone Sealant, General purpose, 300 ml: 24 pcs Box

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White Silicone Sealant, General purpose, 300 ml: 24 pcs Box $49.99
Brand name:  Visbella Speedy-fix

Silicone Sealant is single -component sealant. It's used for general purpose sealing and bonding.


Good flexibility, multi-use, convenient to use.
Excellent bonding ability on most basic materials, and good durability.
Excellent aging resistant, moisture resistant, Anti-fungus.
Good adhesion to many materials such as glass, stone, marble, granite, curtain-wall, ceramic, metals etc.
Good characteristics of room-temperature curing and fast strong bonding.
High/cold temperature resistance performance.


Make sure surfaces are clean and dry. Remove any soap, oil or grease.
Cut tip off the cartridge, screw on the nozzle. Cut nozzle to the desired opening at 45-degree angle.
For a smooth seal hold at 45 angles and apply by pushing sealant ahead of the nozzle.
If further caulking is required, complete within 5 mins. 
remove excess sealant immediately with dry paper towel cured plug.


Used for all general purpose sealing and bonding.
Used in home decorations, window and door industry, wood, brick, ceramic, etc
Widely used in Glass industry, Aluminum industry, plastic industry etc.

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