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Belshaw Adamatic by Unisource Mark 6 - Donut Robot Electric Automatic Fryer

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Quick Overview Fryers deposit, fry, turn, and dispense cake donuts automatically, improving donut quality and reducing costs. Training and labor requirements are substantially reduced while high quality, consistent and repeatable donuts are produced time after time.Additionally,Donut Robot® fryers can reduce shortening use by up to 50% in comparison with kettle fryers. Donut Robot® fryers are fun to watch and always attract passers-by – improving foot traffic and impulse buys. Donut size, frying times and shortening temperature can be adjusted within a generous range. Donut Robots can produce cake donuts right out of the box. In addition, you will need a way to filter your shortening ~ either an EZMelt18 Melter-Filter, or a Filter-Flo Siphon. A Roto Cooler is another popular accessory. With a feed table and a set of cloths and trays, you can make excellent raised donuts. You can see all these accessories on the reverse page of this brochure. Belshaw Adamatic by Unisource Donut Robot Electric Automatic Fryer [Mark 6] is perfect for your establishment. More Details ? Automatic Cake Donut Depositor ? Aluminum Hopper ? Stainless Steel Plain Donut Plunger ? Batter Weight Adjustment Dial ? Stainless Steel Fry Kettle ? Optional Mini Donut Conversion Kit ? More Productive & Easier Functionality ? Better Quality & Consistency ? Frying Time Dial Sets Frying Times 55-360 Seconds ? Suggested Vendor, Brand You Can Trust Product Description Manufacturer:: Belshaw Adamatic by Unisource; Model:: MARK 6; Ship Weight:: 334 lbs.; Material:: Stainless Steel; Height:: 35"; Overall Width:: 52" ; Depth:: 28"; Phase:: 3; Production:: 112 Dozen/Hour @ 95 sec frying time; Kw:: 8.4; Voltage.: 208/240; Hertz: 50/60; Shop With Confidence We have one goal in mind: provide food service professionals with all the products they need under one roof at affordable prices. Since then we have succeeded in creating an innovative, easy to use website that meets the needs for food service professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Food service experts, programmers, developers, content writers, technical support staff, and warehouse employees work together to make certain that we provide the best service and industry knowledge on the web.

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