CMA Dishmachines L-1X16 - 30 Rack/Hr Undercounter Dishwasher

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Commercial dishwasher
Quick Overview

A common mistake that small nursing homes, daycares and churches make is to install a residential dishwasher in their kitchen. If you are providing food to the public, it has to be a commercial dishwasher, and that causes problems, because most commercial washers require a floor drain. Fortunately, the 30 Rack/Hr Undercounter Dishwasher (L-1X16) from CMA Dishmachines has a pumped drain, just like a residential model, so you can just slide it into the same space. The only additional things you will need are dish racks and a place to store the chemicals.
Stainless steel construction
30 racks / 120 covers per hour
1.7 gallons water usage per rack
Unique spray arm system with upper and lower stainless steel wash arms
Built-in chemical pumps and deliming system
16" interior clearance allows the washing of taller items
Electrical connections mounted in a slide-out drawer for easy servicing
Pumped drain allows for flexible installation, requires no floor drain
Pump purging system eliminates chemical and food debris carryover for better washing
Additional Considerations
Water requirements:
Water inlet: 1/2”
Drain-IPS: 1”
Contact a Sales Specialist for information about available options, including:
Sanitizer alarm
Sustainer heater
4” and 6” stainless steel legs
Stainless steel pedestal
48” undercounter dishtable
Alternative electrical options
CMA Temp-Sure self-contained 12kW heater

More Details

? Sturdy Stainless Steel Floor and Exterior

? Works On Environmentally Friendly R134A Refrigerant

? Includes a 5 Year Warranty on the Compressor

? Built on a Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame

? Swivel Casters Are Optional

? Compressor Performs in All Work Conditions

? Oversized Cooling System For Consistent Temperatures

? Interior Lighting for Optimal Vision

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