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Leader CDL36 - 36" Single Duty Refrigerated Deli Display Case

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Quick Overview This Leader CDL36 - 36" Single Duty Refrigerated Deli Display Case is a wonderful addition to your commercial kitchen. This leader cdl36 deli case includes 2 levels of display for your guests. This leader cdl36 features stainless steel construction and has a storage compartment specifically designed for storing overstock. The storage doors are designed to ease user fatigue. This leader cdl36 includes internal shelves which can hold and display great quantity of your products. This leader cdl36 refrigerator holds 38-40°F for the best in food preservation. This Leader CDL36 is perfect to display cold cuts, meats, fishes, and salads. You will be satisfied overall by this unit. More Details ? Sturdy Stainless Steel Floor ? Works On Environmentally Friendly R134A Refrigrant ? This Item Includes a 5 Year Warranty on the Compressor ? Built on a Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame ? Best In Class Leader CDL36 ? Swivel Casters Are Optional ? Compressor Performs in All Working Conditions ? Oversized System For Consistent Temperatures ? Interior Lighting for Optimal Display Vision ? Durable and Sturdy Commercial Grade Glass Display

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