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Filter pad
Becodisc BA stacked disc filter cartridges were developed for production of high quality spirits such as cognac, whisky and brandy to remove particles within the 0.8 to 2.5?m range.  It's the low content of calcium, magnesium and iron ions within the Becodisc BA material that makes it ideal for these types of applications because its those ions which contribute to secondary hazes that arise after storage.  The Becodisc BA material has a minimum color adsorption characteristic and provides a selective separation of long-chain fatty acid esters.  Reliable and consistent filtration performance is achieved thorough an engineered pore structure and comprehensive in-process quality assurance standards.  There are two variations of the Becodisc BA filter sheet material, the BA20 and BA40.  The BA20 stacked disc filter cartridges are designed for filtration of "haze substances", characteristically consisting of very fine particles, higher fatty acids and fused oils.  The BA40 material is used for clarification of a medium-strong haze, a coarser level of retention.

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