BECODISC BC Stacked Disc Filter Cartridges

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Brewing filtration
Becodisc BC activated carbon stacked disc filter cartridges have a high adsorption power for decolorizing and aroma correction.  These filters are comprised of a complex fiber and cavity structure and provide dust-free handling.
The Becodisc B30C is comprised of an acid washed, steam activated  micro-porous inert material.  When products are cleaned or decolorized, a physical, non-polar bond is created between the interior surfaces of the activated carbon and process fluid.  Adsorption capacity is relative to the contact time with the liquid passing through it and therefore slow filtration rates optimize the adsorption capacity. Becodisc B30C stacked disc filter cartridges are used for decolorizing chemicals, oils and both watery and alcoholic extracts as well as filtering glucose, enzyme, vitamin and antibiotic solutions.  In the beverage industry Becodisc B30C stacked disc filter cartridges are used for correcting the taste and color of fruit juices and alcoholic spirits.

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