BECODISC Stacked Disc Filter Cartridges

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Wine filtration
Stacked disc filter cartridges provide mineral-free filtration within the 0.1 to 4.0?m nominal range.  The special ultra-pure design of the filter media results in excellent chemical resistance for both alkaline and acidic liquids.  The cartridges are manufactured from high purity cellulose's to form a unique structure for removing microbes without mineral components.  In addition to its' good chemical resistance and mineral-free low ion content, Becodisc filter media has virtually no ash content and a low charge-related adsorption.  The low cationic or charge-related adsorption means that valuable substances are not adsorbed and remain within the filtrate. A common example is found in the flavor and fragrance industry where you do not want to contaminate the product with minerals or remove essential ingredients via adsorption.
Becodisc stacked filter disc cartridges are used for primary mechanical separator of particles and includes removal of catalyst and/or activated carbon.

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