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Flow Meter
The TF Series is a multi-function paddle wheel style flow meter for thermoplastic pipelines.  It is comprised of a rugged, true union design to simplify installation and maintenance.  Offered in ½" to 4" sizes, the TF series provides high accuracy flow measurement in liter, gallon or kilo-liter units.  This paddlewheel style flow meter is designed for a fluid viscosity range of 0.5 to 20 cSt (approximately up to 20 CPS or 100 SSU).  The have an accuracy of ±1.0% full scale with a repeatability of ±0.5% full scale.  These are constructed of PVC and Polypropylene and can handle a flow velocity of 0.33 to 32.8 FPS.  (Although TF Series flow meters are capable of high velocity flow measurements, the maximum recommended fluid velocity for ANY plastic piping system is only 8 FPS).  Their bright LED displays are easy to program and provide both 4-20mA and 0-5 VDC pulse output signals which can be used to pace metering pumps.  The display enclosure is NEMA 4X/IP65 and the display can be password protected for added security.  TF Series flow meters can be installed horizontally or vertically.  These are truly "plug-n-play" because the K factor is already programmed into the display/transmitter, so all the user needs to do is install the flow meter into the pipeline and power it up.  Optionally you could also wire-up the relay and analog output if desired.

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