Peristaltic Pump

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Transfer pump
Vector peristaltic pumps are available with hose sizes from ½" to 2½" to provide flow rates from 0.1 GPM to 50 GPM for transferring fluids at pressures up to 60 PSI. Vector peristaltic pumps are used to transfer viscous, pure or other non-lubricating "difficult to pump fluids" such as egg yokes, custards, cold cremes and chemicals from a holding tank to a processing line. Vector pumps have excellent suction lift capabilities.  When you use a Vector Pump, nothing comes into contact with the fluid except the hose material.  Since hoses can be changed quickly without coming into contact with the pumped fluid, they are often used to transfer solids laden waste water, chemical slurries and other volatile fluids in a safe, reliable manner. Vector pumps are an excellent alternative to air operated diaphragm pumps.  They do not require air, will not stall when run at low RPM's and operate equally well in both hot and cold weather. 

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