TOPLINE Bag Filter Housings

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Food processing filtration equipment
The TOPLINE model bag filter housing is the highest performance design we offer.  Especially if your application requires ?25 micron nominal retention or an absolute (99%) efficient rated retention, the model TOPLINE bag filter is the best choice.
The primary difference between the TOPLINE bag filter housing and the other models we offer is the "over-the-top" inlet configuration.  This feature allows for the chamber cover to directly compress the filter bag seal, thereby forming the best seal possible.  When combined with the Sentinel style filter bag sealing ring design, the TOPLINE will provide "bypass-free" performance. Another advantage of locating the bag sealing at the top of the bag filter is minimization of ullage - the empty space above the filter bag, resulting in less unfiltered liquid within the housing and easy to grab filter bag access. The TOPLINE bag filter housing has a special two-weld design, resulting in an overall smoother finish internally for better draining and cleaning.  TOPLINE housings have a smooth, bead-blasted finish and are available with an optional internal and external electro-polish finish for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications that require "sanitary construction".

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