FJ15 Eco Mini Pasteurizer

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Eco Mini 3.5-Gallon Stainless Steel Pasteurizer will process 3.5 gallons/14 ltrs of milk to a temperature of 156ÚF/70ÚC in about 1 hour. This pasteurizer is time and temperature adjustable.  You can choose a temperature from 68 Degrees Fahrenheit to 210 Degrees Fahrenheit and 0 - 900 minutes.  When the time comes to "0" a signal will alert you 10 times and then goes on standby.  If you do not choose a time, the pasteurizer will heat up to the desired temperature and then hold the milk at the set temperature. Inlet and outlet hoses fill a water bath which is sealed against any contact with the milk and which provides a constant and gentle heating function. The water bath may be flushed with cold water to stop the heating process. The Eco Mini model has additional insulation for a more energy saving construction. Complete with thermometer and instructions. 120VAC. Wt. 13.5 lbs.

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