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Milky Electric Cream Separator - 60 L / Hr

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Product Details SKU 17585 Shipping Weight 21.00 lbs Product Description Milky Electric Cream Separators are extremely quiet, well-designed and feature quality materials and workmanship throughout. Milky Electrics use the familiar spinning disc technology, but with features that improve safety, balance and durability. Now improved with a stainless steel float (instead of plastic), the fully electronic control starts the Milky smoothly and reaches full output only after about 30 seconds, putting less stress on the motor. The attachment design of the milk tank along with the broad rubber feet give additional stability. The spinning disks are made out of aluminum, the milk container is stainless steel, and the milk and cream spouts are made out of food-grade plastic. NOTE: The butterfat percentage of milk can affect how cream separators work, test batches may be necessary to find the correct settings and techniques. Capacity 60 Liters (63 Quarts) per hour. Weight 17 lbs.

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