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The FBM Aura is a 4kg working bowl continuous tempering machine. The Aura is a compact, tabletop, tempering machine capable of tempering up to 10kg (22 pounds) of chocolate per hour. The Aura is a cost-effective and very efficient way for small workshops looking to make the leap up from small batch temperers. Though small in size, the Aura comes equipped with a digital control panel, a removable vibrating table, and a metered dosing function capable of filling up to four mold cavities with a single press of the foot pedal. The Aura is a real production workhorse. The reversible auger (optional feature) is also removable (optional feature) to make cleaning easier. All FBM machines are made to order. Available in 120 and 220V, 50 and 60Hz, and single- and 3-phase. Can be shipped DHL air freight.

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