FBM K-Series Compact Melting Tanks

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Chocolate melting tank
FBM introduced this new line of melting tanks at SIGEP in 2013. Instead of a classic bain-marie water jacket, these melters use electrical resistance wire to heat the tanks effectively and efficiently. 

Three different capacities are available: 50, 100, and 200kg. Standard models feature bowl stirrers and conventional tap drains. All sizes accept optional integrated pumps that exit from the top of the melter and that can be swiveled to direct chocolate exactly where it is wanted. These pumps can be used in conjunction with a sensor (also optional) that enable the melter to keep the working bowl of a continuous tempering machine full during production.

All FBM machines are made to order. Available in 120/220/380V, 60 and 50Hz, single- and 3-phase. From completion of order to shipment averages 22-30 days. Prices are quoted in Euros, ex-works, Italy.

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