Prima, Compatta, Chocolab, ProXima, Unica, Maestria, MTR60

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Chocolate enrober
All FBM tempering machines (with the exception of the tabletop Aura) can be outfitted with an enrober belt.

Standard belt width for the Prima, Compatta, Chocolab, and ProXima is 180mm and come in two sections.
Standard belt width for the Unica is 180mm. Can be upgraded to 250mm
Standard belt width for the Maestria is 300mm.
Standard belt width for the MTR60 is 400mm, can be upgraded to 600mm and 1 meter.

All belts come standard with entry section, pre-bottomer, double-curtain veil, net beater, air blower, and detailer rod.

Other customizations include extended entry section, extended take-off belt, and more.

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