TowerDrop and Sintesi Dough depositors

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Cookie depositor
Tower Drop and Sintesi deliver cutting-edged features and functionality in an affordable, compact, lightweight, bench-top dropping machine perfectly suited for workshops where space and budgets are at a premium and where there can be no sacrifice in the ability to work with all kinds of doughs—even ones that require a wire cutter.

Tower Drop can replicate any kind of product currently being made using a pastry bag and nozzles, but with absolute repeatability and at a much higher production rate. Tower Drop uses standard pastry bag nozzles, not expensive custom-made nozzles costing hundreds of Euros. Tower Drop's unique dual-dropping head combines both the pump head—suited for working with thinner doughs such as cake sponge and macaron dough, and the cylinder head—suited for working with dense doughs and meringues—in a single unit.

It is no longer necessary to have separate pump and cylinder heads assemblies. Changing from one head to another is accomplished by changing the roller configuration inside the easy to disassemble and clean head assembly.

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