Fogg F4.1 Filler

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Product Type:
Bottle filler
Product: Water , Juice , Chemicals, Cosmetics, Lotion, Salad Dressing, Sauce, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Shampoo
Bottle Type: Glass , Plastic , Ceramic  and Metal
Automation: Semi-automatic  and Automatic
Fogg's F4.1 fillers are gear driven with an inline conveyor design.  They have a very small footprint, it takes 40% less floor space than a F6.2.  This series is the best at accommodating low to moderate filling requirements ranging from 0-330 bottles per minute with a 12oz. bottle.  They are equipped with clutches that provide more machine protection than ever before.  The base of the machine has been designed for drainage to provide an additional level of sanitation.  The safety and sanitation guarding is completely integrated and comes with several options.  They will allow for all the extended shelf like options including the semi-automatic one-way recovery trough, rinser, safety and sanitation guarding, microb-blaster, sanibar and base flush systems.  Because of it's innovative design, the F4.1 Series is a great option for many filling applications.  

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