American Dish Service - AFC-ES 37 Rack/Hr Door-Type Dishwasher - ES Series

Product specifications


Product description

Ship Weight: 295 lbs.; Booster Heater Included: No; Dimensions (H x W x D): 71.5" x 33.5" x 34.25"; Dishwasher Type: Door-Type; Horsepower: 1 1/2; Interior Clearance: 20.5"; Phase: 1; Rack Included: No; Racks per Hour: 37; Rinse Temperature: Low-Temp; Voltage: 115; Wash Cycle: 90 seconds; Water Used: .94 gal/rack; American Dish Service’s 37 Rack/Hr Door-Type Dishwasher - ES Series (AFC-ES) is a great option for restaurants that are seeking to conserve water and energy. This corner unit can wash up to 37 racks per hour. It consumes 0.936 gallons per cycles, which is low enough to help save on utility bills. The AFC-ES is Energy Star qualified and produces the same stellar results as other comparable units. The 1.5 HP pump ensures that all wares are washed thoroughly. All American Dish Service dishwashers are made in the USA and designed specifically for commercial foodservice use. Features Corner style; Stainless steel air gap; Large capacity scrap accumulator; Washes standard-sized dish racks (19.75” x 19.75”); Water temperature, supply: 120°F; Water consumption: 0.936 gallons/cycle; Motor: 1.5 HP / 1.125 KW; 30.75” x 20.5” door clearance can wash taller wares; 1.5 HP pump is powerful enough for tough jobs; Low water usage will save on utility bills; Dual screens protect the pump; Rated capacity: 37 racks/hour; Wash time: 50 seconds; Rinse time: 30 seconds; Dwell: 10 seconds; Total cycle time: 90 seconds;

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