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BakeMax ( BMSM120 ) - 190 qt Spiral Mixer


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Floor model
Variable Speed

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Spiral mixers are powerful mixers designed to specifically handle heavy dough such as the kind used to make bagels or pizza. Powerful spiral mixing increases the water absorption of the dough increasing volume and assures a consistent dough texture. The 190 qt Spiral Mixer (BMSM120) from BakeMax is an efficient two-speed spiral mixer that is ideal for busy commercial foodservice operations. This model features dual-direction mixing technology which synchronizes the speed with the reverse-rotating bowl to mix ingredients and blend the dough hydraulically downward. This keeps the dough cooler and achieves desired results more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, this model features an instant-response servo-limit switch for safety, two automatic timers and a safety guard that will halt operation when lifted. This spiral mixer is designed to mix up to 264 pounds of dough. Benefits Powerful two-speed mixing; Instant-response servo-limit safety switch; Bowl may be set to rotate forward or backward; Heavy-duty stainless steel spiral agitator and bowl Accurate timers automatically control mixing time; Safety guard will automatically shut off motor when guard is lifted to prevent injury; Automatically or manually shifts betweeen gears without interuption for consistent mixing; Powerful spiral mixing increaes water absorption by dough for increased volume and uniform texture Ship Weight: 1,405 lbs.; Amps: 35; Bowl Capacity: 190 qts.; Dimensions (H x W x D): 51" x 48" x 32"; Horsepower: 11.5; Mixer Style: Spiral Mixer; Mixing Heads: 1; Phase: 3; Spatial Orientation: Floor Model; Speeds: 2-Speed; Transmission Type: Belt-Driven; Voltage: 220

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