Champion - LD-20-PT 10 Racks/Hr Pass-Through Pot, Pan & Utensil Washer

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Ship Weight: 1,300 lbs.; Amps: 122; Booster Heater Included: Yes; Booster Tank Capacity: 10 gal.; Dimensions (H x W x D): 81.5" x 73" x 36"; Dishwasher Type: Pot & Pan Washer; Horsepower: 15; Hz.: 60; Incoming Water Temperature: 120°F; Interior Clearance: 28.5"; Phase: 3; Rack Included: Yes; Racks per Hour: 10; Rinse Tank Capacity: 10 gal.; Rinse Tank Usage: 12 kW; Rinse Temperature: High-Temp; Voltage: 208; Wash Tank Capacity: 50 gal.; Wash Tank Usage: 18 kW; Water Used: 2.2 gal/rack; As tough as pots and pans can be to get clean at home, they are even tougher to clean in commercial kitchens. That is unless you have the 10 Racks/Hr Pass-Through Pot, Pan & Utensil Washer (LD-20-PT) from Champion. Equipped with a 7½ horsepower motor, this unique pot and pan washer certainly has plenty of power, and with its 20-pan capacity, it is an excellent choice for bakeries, schools and restaurants. It also features a convenient pass-through design for easy operation and a large interior clearance of more than 28 inches allowing you to wash even especially large pans and utensils. With its powerful wash motor and advanced, stainless steel wash arms, it can wash up to 10 full racks every hour and will ensure that the dishes come out spotless every time. Holds up to 20 pans; Digital control center; Stainless steel construction; Adjustable wash and rinse cycles; External rinse hose and spray gun; Washes up to 10 racks every hour; Easy to remove filter basket for cleaning; Powerful, 7½ HP motor can power through even tough dirt for spotless dishes every cycle; Adjustable racking system is exceptionally versatile and makes loading the dishwasher a breeze; Convenient pass-through design makes operating the dishwasher incredibly easy and provides an efficient workflow; Innovative, stainless steel wash arms designed with unique "V" shaped jets produce a high velocity spray to thoroughly clean every surface; The listed height is with the doors lowered. With the doors raised, the dishwasher measures 99 inches tall.; Standard with booster set for 40°F rise; please contact a Personal Account Manager for optional 70°F rise; Please contact a Personal Account Manager to specify desired electrical configuration and find out more about the many options and accessories available for this dishwasher;

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