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Doyon ( ATA100 ) - 225 qt Spiral Mixer


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When making the perfect dough, you want to take into account rotational speed, synchronization of bowl and hook, proper oxygenation and time. That is why the award winning 225 qt Spiral Mixer (ATA100) by Doyon is the way to go. It will beat the competition every time in making the finest quality product. Spiral mixers are best for heavy weight doughs or doughs with higher absorption ratios. They have the proper hook design and torque to handle tough doughs for bread, bagels and pizza. Flour Capacity 22 lb (10kg) min - 220 lb (100kg) max Dough Capacity (60% Absorption Ratio) 35 lb (16 kg) min - 350 lb (160kg) Simple to use manual or automatic digital control; Available in right lifting or left lifting versions; Digital display of mixing time; Spiral mixers have two speeds; See-through bowl guard with safety interlock; Safety guard, bowl and mixing tools are stainless steel; Metal-rubber composite gear type belt, non-slipping; Quick locking device to secure mixer in place when mixing; Motor overload protection Heavy duty frame with lead-free enamel coating for easy cleaning; Superior torque transmission which eliminates vibration and noise for heavy loads; Scientifically designed spiral hook for maximum efficiency; Unique stainless steel bowl with a high center that eliminates dough feeder post; Nine personalized programs, enables inexperienced labor to operate the units Ship Weight: 3,120 lbs.; Amps: 32; Bowl Capacity: 225 qts.; Dimensions (H x W x D): 78.38" x 34.25" x 86.63"; Horsepower: 10; Hz.: 60; Mixer Style: Spiral Mixer; Mixing Heads: 1; Phase: 3; Power: Electric; Spatial Orientation: Floor Model; Speeds: 2-Speed; Transmission Type: Belt-Driven; Voltage: 208 - 240

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