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Ice-O-Matic - EF250A38S 400 lb Self-Contained Flake Ice Machine


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Ship Weight: 250 lbs.; 24 Hour Yield: 400 lbs.; Amps: 12.4; Condenser: Air; Dimensions (H x W x D): 41" x 38" x 28"; Hz.: 60; Ice Machine Type: Undercounter; Ice Storage Capacity: 213 lbs.; Ice Type: Flake; Phase: 1; Power Usage: 5.6 kWh/100 lbs.; Voltage: 115; Water Usage for Ice: 12 gal/100 lbs; Product Details Don't worry, if you're not already hip to current ice trends then we're here to introduce you to fabulous flake ice! You may not have heard of its wonders yet, but we're here to tell you all about this magical ice formation. Flake ice is flexible and perfect for showcasing things like fish and deli meats in display cases. Its flexible nature also works wonders in therapeutic processes where ice is used. Not only is flake ice extremely useful in deli and medical applications, but this stylish looking ice also makes a drink from a mixologist look extraordinary. If you want to give flake ice a go, Ice-O-Matic's 400 lb Self-Contained Flake Ice Machine (EF250A38S) is an excellent machine. It isn't so big it steals all your extra space. This powerful, low-profile machine fits nicely underneath counters and because the air intake is only on one side, you can install other pieces of equipment near it as well. The air-cooled machine can dole out up to 400 lbs of ice a day, making it both a reliable ice producer and responsible water conservationist. Features Filter-Free Air; Stainless Steel Construction; Ultra-Low Profile; 400 lbs of ice/day; Air-Cooled Condenser; Benefits Bin door slides open for easy access to ice; Air intake on one side allows for maximum ice production in minimal space; Excess water is removed through an extrusion process, resulting in high quality flake ice; Air-cooled machines are affordable, easy to install and ideal for water conservation; Ice Style Flake ice cools quickly, has a low production cost and can mold to any shape; Great for produce, meat or seafood displays, blended cocktails, salad bars and therapeutic use;

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