Ice-O-Matic - GEM0650R 684 lb Modular Pearl Ice Machine

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Product Type:
Ice machine
Storage Bin: No
Configuration: Modular
Ice Type: Nugget
Ship Weight: 220 lbs.;
24 Hour Yield: 684 lbs.;
Amps: 23.5;
Condenser: Remote;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 27" x 21" x 24";
Hz.: 60;
Ice Machine Type: Modular;
Ice Type: Nugget;
Phase: 1;
Power Usage: 6.1 kWh/100 lbs.;
Voltage: 115;
Water Usage for Ice: 12 gal/100 lbs;

Product Details

When customers visit your restaurant, you do everything to heighten their experience; from hiring only the friendliest of servers and buying the best meats, to decorating with likable colors and ascetically pleasing plates. But have you stopped to think about your ice?

What may seem like an insignificant part of a dinner, the drinks, and even more specifically the ice, can make all the difference. So if you’re a pleaser go for pearl cubes from this 684 lb Modular Pearl Ice Machine (GEM0650R). Pearl ice cubes are versatile and less expensive to produce, and customers love them! So soft and chewable, these cubes are sure to satisfy.


Heavy duty gear box;
Stainless steel evaporator and auger;
Water cooled condenser;


Pearl ice has more surface area, cooling drinks faster;
Less expensive to make than traditional cubes;
Water and power usage is lower than comparable cube ice makers;

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