Ice-O-Matic - GEM0650W 715 lb Modular Pearl Ice Maker

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Product Type:
Ice machine
Storage Bin: No
Configuration: Modular
Cooling Method: Water-cooled
Ice Type: Nugget
Ship Weight: 220 lbs.;
24 Hour Yield: 715 lbs.;
Amps: 19.5;
Condenser: Water;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 27" x 21" x 24";
Hz.: 60;
Ice Machine Type: Modular;
Ice Type: Nugget;
Phase: 1;
Power Usage: 4 kWh/100 lbs.;
Voltage: 115;
Water Usage for Condenser: 59 gal/100 lbs;
Water Usage for Ice: 12 gal/100 lbs;

Product Details

Nugget ice is quickly growing in popularity, and the 715 lb Modular Pearl Ice Maker (GEM0650W) from Ice-O-Matic is one of the best mid-sized nugget ice machines out there. It is constructed with a rugged, stainless steel auger and evaporator, and it features industrial-grade roller bearings and a heavy-duty, sealed gearbox all designed to ensure reliability and maximum longevity. For maximum protection, the ice machine is even fitted with Ice-O-Matic’s SystemSafe load-monitoring system which constantly checks the stain placed on the gearbox, shutting down the system before any problems develop and preventing costly repairs. Additionally, the ice machine is equipped with a water-cooled condenser that is energy efficient and will maintain its performance even in hot climates.


Heavy-duty gearbox;
Stainless steel exterior;
Stainless steel auger and evaporator;
Produces up to 715 pounds of ice every 24 hours;

Ice Style

Nugget ice is versatile and inexpensive to produce;
Widely used in beverages served at restaurants and in salad bars;


Soft, chewable ice increases customer satisfaction;
Water-cooled machines are energy efficient and perform exceptionally well in hot climates;
Water sensor monitors water level to prevent low- and no-water failures and can not be affected by adverse water conditions;
SystemSafe load-monitoring system constantly checks the load on the gearbox and shuts down the system before problems occur;

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