Insinger - Admiral 66-4 RPW 233 Rack/Hr Conveyor Dishwasher

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Commercial dishwasher
Style: Conveyor
Temperature: High Temperature
Ship Weight: 800 lbs.;
Amps: 52.5;
Booster Heater Included: No;
Conveyor Horsepower: 1/15;
Conveyor Speed: 6.4 ft/min;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 67.5" x 79.5" x 31.25";
Dishwasher Type: Conveyor;
Hz.: 60;
Incoming Water Temperature: 140°F;
Interior Clearance: 19.13";
Phase: 3;
Prewash Horsepower: 1/2;
Prewash Tank Capacity: 9 gal.;
Rack Included: No;
Racks per Hour: 233;
Rinse Temperature: High-Temp;
Voltage: 208;
Wash Horsepower: 2;
Wash Tank Capacity: 19 gal.;
Wash Tank Usage: 15 kW;
Water Used: .63 gal/rack;

This Admiral 66-4 RPW dishwasher is perfect for the high-volume kitchen. It cleans a rapid-fire 233 racks of dishes an hour. That's around three racks a minute, making this machine perfect for those who need a quick turnaround of clean dishes to increase productivity. This dishwasher uses the same water from the pre-wash cycle for the wash cycle and a fresh tank of water is used for the final rinse. The 6 feet per minute conveyor on this washer can be specified to have left or right travel based on your kitchen configuration. Features

Tank heat;
Automatic tank fill;
Low water protection;
Door safety switches;
Color-coded curtains;
Manifold cleanout brush;
304 stainless steel construction;
Detergent connection provision;

Re-circulating pre-wash cycle helps save water and energy;
Override switch allows dishwasher to run while empty for de-liming;
Wide access doors make daily maintenance and usage easy and efficient;
Zero-infringement, insulated, telescoping doors prevent issues with low ceilings and aisle obstruction;
CrossFire® Wash System power sprays water horizontally as well as from above and below for high-power cleaning;

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