Jackson - AJX-90 209 Rack/Hr Low-Temp Conveyor Dishwasher w/ 36" Prewash

Product specifications


Product description

Ship Weight: 954 lbs.; Booster Heater Included: No; Conveyor Horsepower: 1/4; Conveyor Speed: 5.75 ft/min; Dimensions (H x W x D): 75.5" x 105.25" x 31"; Dishwasher Type: Conveyor; Incoming Water Temperature: 140°F; Interior Clearance: 25"; Prewash Horsepower: 2; Prewash Tank Capacity: 17 gal.; Racks per Hour: 209; Rinse Temperature: Low-Temp; Wash Horsepower: 2; Wash Tank Capacity: 21 gal.; Wash Tank Usage: 18 kW; Water Used: .78 gal/rack; Sometimes it seems as though the dishes are never ending, thankfully Jackson has the perfect solution for your stacks of dirty dishes. The 209 Rack/Hr Low-Temp Conveyor Dishwasher w/ 36" Prewash (AJX-90) from Jackson works to get those dishes out of the way while saving you money. This Energy Star-rated conveyor dishwasher uses just 0.78 gallons of water per rack while boasting a whopping rate of 209 racks per hour. This conveyor dishwasher is dually-rated for high-temp or low-temp applications. So if you prefer high-temp sanitization, an external booster heater is the only item necessary to convert this dishwasher. This unit's prewash section utilizes specially-designed upper and lower arms for excellent pre-scrapping of dirty wares. The AJX Series has a host of other amazing features, such as a 25-inch interior clearance to allow for large sheet pans and mixing bowls, an EnergyGuard™ control system that limits power and chemical usage when the unit isn’t in use, and an Adjust-A-Peak™ conveyor speed control that allows extra cleaning time for heavily-soiled items. Features 36" prewash section; Built-in pressure regulator; Stainless steel wash pump; EnergyGuard™ control system; Adjust-A-Peak variable conveyor speed; Fully-automatic operation, including auto-fill; 25-inch interior clearance allows larger wares to be washed; Wash pump delivers maximum performance but limits noise; EnergyGuard™ eliminates excess water, energy and chemical usage; Adjust-A-Peak™ conveyor speed control lengthens wash times for heavily-soiled wares;

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