Jackson - CREW 66 223 Rack/Hr Low-Temp Conveyor Dishwasher w/ 22" Prewash

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Commercial dishwasher
Style: Conveyor
Temperature: Low Temperature
Ship Weight: 1,220 lbs.;
Booster Heater Included: No;
Conveyor Horsepower: 1/4;
Conveyor Speed: 6.07 ft/min;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 65.75" x 86" x 30";
Dishwasher Type: Conveyor;
Incoming Water Temperature: 140°F;
Interior Clearance: 19.75";
Prewash Horsepower: 2;
Rack Included: No;
Racks per Hour: 223;
Rinse Temperature: Low-Temp;
Wash Horsepower: 3;
Wash Tank Capacity: 36 gal.;
Wash Tank Usage: 15 kW;
Water Used: .35 gal/rack;

With the 218 Rack/Hr Low-Temp Conveyor Dishwasher (CREW 66) from Jackson on your side, you will be able to cut down that stack of dishes in moments all while saving energy and keeping costs low. This ultra-efficient conveyor dishwasher uses a WISR™ cleaning system that effectively cleans all ware surfaces through a deluge of water and heavy agitation while using an industry-leading 0.32 gallons per rack. Its Rainbow Rinse™ cycle utilizes an arched rinse arm that provides superior rinse action while utilizing less water than other models’ rinse cycles. The CREW 66’s exclusive EnergyGuard™ control system cuts idle energy usage by only operating when a rack is being washed or rinsed, and a double-walled insulated cabinet retains heat, lowering energy cost. As if that weren't enough, this machine can also be used as a high-temp sanitzing conveyor dishwasher with the separate purchase of a booster heater. Features

WISR™ cleaning system;
Rainbow Rinse™ arched rinse arm;
EnergyGuard™ control system;
Double-walled insulated cabinet;

Industry-leading 0.35 gallons per rack;
EnergyGuard™ control system prevents energy waste when dishwasher is not in use;
WISR™ cleaning system ensures excellent results regardless of type of ware;

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