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Manitowoc - RFS-2378C 2063 lb QuietQube® Remote Flake Ice Machine


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Ship Weight: 279 lbs.; 24 Hour Yield: 2,063 lbs.; Amps: 15; Condenser: Remote; Dimensions (H x W x D): 27.4" x 30" x 23.6"; Hz.: 60; Ice Machine Type: Modular; Ice Type: Flake; Phase: 1; Power Usage: 3.87 kWh/100 lbs.; Voltage: 208 - 230; Water Usage for Ice: 12 gal/100 lbs; Product Details Need massive quantities of Flake Ice? Consider the 2063 lb QuietQube® Remote Flake Ice Machine (RFS-2378C) from Manitowoc Ice, under ideal conditions, this unit produces an astounding 2063 pounds of ice per every 24 hour period. This unit is a great choice for large healthcare institutions, salad bar buffets, grocery stores and more. From the proprietary design of this cuber to the crystal clear ice it produces, are many amazing features that make this machine a smash hit at your establishment. Choose Manitowoc Ice to deliver unparalleled ice production and long lasting value to your business. Quietly Cool Unlike the standard flake ice machines out there, this 2063 lb QuietQube® Remote Flake Ice Machine has a condenser that is located remotely, far from the ice making unit or your service area. This means that this machine is much quieter and cooler than the ordinary ice machine. Having a remote condenser is an advantage to your energy savings as well; it works to effectively dissipate the heat, either indoors or outside, so your air conditioning system does not have to work so hard to bring the ambient temperature of a room down after the ice machine turns on. Sparkling Flakes Flake ice is a high water to ice ratio, which is shaped into small hard bits. What can you do with flake ice? Well it’s the best for displaying cold food items of any ice shape. Flake ice adheres to the surface of foods or drink glasses that are placed in it so they stay colder; flake ice also makes presentation easy because it holds items in place, like your steaks, chops and fish fillets without bruising them sort of like a nest of ice. Use flake ice to display cold foods in your meat, poultry and fish cases, to hold cold drinks on the buffet and so much more! Efficient Elegance Whether you need ice for food display or healthcare, this unit can deliver unparalleled efficiency. Although the unit is only 22” wide, it is still able to produce a massive, 2063 pounds of ice per day. This machine is not only a work horse in the kitchen, it is also incredibly beautiful to behold, the sleek, all stainless exterior looks great anywhere you might need it. Since this unit uses a remote condenser, if you do choose to place your ice machine in the service area, it won’t disturb your guests with noise or compete with the air conditioning so it can even save you money on your energy bill. Features Evaporator is designed for maximum efficiency and operating life.; Stainless steel exterior looks great and is easy to keep clean.; Space-saving design with a 30” footprint.; Benefits Super-efficient remote, air-cooled condenser will efficiency and save money on A/C.; Remote Condenser keeps your service area cooler and improve quieter, for a more peaceful dining experience for your customers.; Additional Considerations QuietQube® Series Remote System consists of a remote condensing unit, interconnecting refrigerant lines, ice machine head section, and ice storage unit–All ordered separately.; QuietQube ice machine with RCU condensing unit is designed as a Manitowoc system and not for use with any other ice machine or remote condenser brand.; A 50 Hz version of this unit is also available.; Please contact our sales team at 877-877-5655 for more information.;

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