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Manitowoc - RFS-2379R 2063 lb Low-Side/Rack Flake Ice Machine


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Ship Weight: 279 lbs.; 24 Hour Yield: 2,063 lbs.; Amps: 15; Condenser: Rack/Centralized; Dimensions (H x W x D): 27.4" x 30" x 23.6"; Hz.: 60; Ice Machine Type: Modular; Ice Type: Flake; Phase: 1; Power Usage: 1.9 kWh/100 lbs.; Voltage: 208 - 230; Water Usage for Ice: 12 gal/100 lbs; Product Details Looking for the perfect ice machine to fit on your centralized condensing system and keep up with your need for fresh ice? Then try the 2063 lb Low-Side/Rack Flake Ice Machine (RFS-2379R) from Manitowoc Ice. Unlike a typical ice machine, this one is designed to connect to your store supplied centralized condensing system alongside the deli display cases and freezer display cases. This machine is perfect for grocery stores, healthcare institutions and butcher shops both because it connects to the rack and because it can produce an astounding 2063 pounds of ice per day to meet your larger-than-average ice needs. Funky Flakes Flake ice is a high water to ice ratio, which is shaped into small hard bits; it’s definitely not the usual ice cube. What can you do with flake ice? Well it’s the best for displaying cold food items of any ice shape. Flake ice adheres to the surface of foods or drink glasses that are placed in it so they stay colder; flake ice also makes presentation easy because it holds items in place, like your steaks, chops and fish fillets without bruising them sort of like a nest of ice. Use flake ice to display cold foods in your meat, poultry and fish cases, to hold cold drinks on the buffet and so much more! Peace and Quiet This sleek and beautiful piece of equipment is constructed with a stainless steel exterior to both increase the lifespan of the unit and to make it attractive enough to fit into your self-service display area. Using this ice machine in a café, grocery store healthcare setting is a great choice because it is much quieter to run an ice machine with a rack condenser than a normal one so you won’t disturb the peaceful atmosphere of your establishment. Super Flaker This machine is the superhero of your kitchen, it will astound you with how much feats of ice productions that you won’t believe it possible that this kind of power comes in such a small package! This unit measures only 30” wide and 27” tall so you can be assured that it can fit practically everywhere. This machine is even built to be lighter in weight so installation is a breeze. Features Up to 2063 lbs of daily Ice Production; Produces Flake Ice; the perfect ice for cold displays such as in your deli case or salad bar.; Small footprint, this unit is only 30” wide; Benefits Quiet operation, the noise of the compressor is removed from the service area.; Ice machine is light-weight to make installation even easier.; Beautiful stainless steel exterior looks great anywhere.; Additional Considerations A Low-side/Rack Flake Ice Machine System consists of ice machine head section, ice storage unit, and interconnecting refrigerant lines—all ordered separately which connect into the store supplied centralized condensing system often called a rack.; Please contact our sales team at 877-877-5655, to learn more.;

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