Manitowoc - RN-1278C 1100 lb Nugget Remote Air-Cooled Machine

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Ice machine
Ice Maker Capacity: 1100 lbs
Cooling Method: Air-cooled
Voltage Preference: 208-230 V
Configuration: Modular
Storage Bin: No
Ice Type: Nugget
Ship Weight: 201 lbs.;
24 Hour Yield: 1,100 lbs.;
Condenser: Remote;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 26.5" x 22" x 24.5";
Horsepower: 2;
Hz.: 60;
Ice Machine Type: Modular;
Ice Type: Nugget;
Phase: 1;
Power Usage: 4.93 kWh/100 lbs.;
Voltage: 208 - 230;
Water Usage for Ice: 13 gal/100 lbs;

Product Details

The 1100 lb Nugget Remote Air-Cooled Machine (RN-1278C) from Manitowoc is an invaluable choice for any commercial food service establishment. You can count on this unit for all your ice needs because it produces consistently sized ice nuggets on a regular basis. You will always know you'll have enough on hand to serve your guests cold drinks day and night. In addition, this unit looks sleek and will fit seamlessly with your decor choices.


This ice maker creates nugget shaped ice cubes that are easy for guests to chew on a consistent basis;
The fan that cools the machine is designed to operate outside the building, which helps keep the interior of the restaurant cool;
You can rely on this ice maker for many years to produce as much ice as you need anytime you require it;


Your guests can thoroughly enjoy their experience at your restaurant because this ice maker produces ice quietly;
This ice machine produces up to 1,100 pounds of ice in any 24-hour period;
A beautiful design allows you to incorporate this ice machine without compromising your design choices;

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