Manitowoc - UD-0310W 271 lb Cube Undercounter Ice Machine - U-310 Neo Series

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Product Type:
Ice machine
Configuration: Undercounter
Cooling Method: Water-cooled
Ice Type: Full-Dice
Ship Weight: 211 lbs.;
24 Hour Yield: 271 lbs.;
Condenser: Water;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 38.5" x 30" x 29";
Horsepower: .75;
Hz.: 60;
Ice Machine Type: Undercounter;
Ice Storage Capacity: 100 lbs.;
Ice Type: Cube;
Phase: 1;
Power Usage: 6.1 kWh/100 lbs.;
Voltage: 115;
Water Usage for Condenser: 100 gal/100 lbs;
Water Usage for Ice: 179 gal/100 lbs;

Product Details

This 271 lb Cube Undercounter Ice Machine - U-310 Neo Series (UD-0310W) by Manitowoc will surely make your employees and customers smile through the busy rushes by providing all the ice you need concealed behind your bar. It can produce up to 271 pounds of ice every day, while holding 100 pounds of ice in its storage bin at any given time. The dice-shaped produced by this Neo ice machine are great for serving soft drinks as well as any type of whiskey “on the rocks”.

Programmable Smart Features
This undercounter unit can easily be programmed to pause or slow ice product during off-hours or slow periods. In addition, it features the ability to gauge how much ice is in the bin so it will not produce more than your bin can hold at a time.

Sparkling Clean
With Manitowoc’s patented design, every Neo ice machine is easy to clean when the time comes. Its components are easy to remove without tools and simply snap back into place when the cleaning has been completed.


100 pounds of ice storage in the bin;
Forward –sliding storage bin;
¾ horsepower compressor;


Intelligent service alerts;
Easily accessibly power button;
Easy to clean with removable components;

Additional Considerations

This ice machine is available with several accessories. Give our friendly sales team a call at (1-877-877-5655) to discuss your options.;

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