Moyer Diebel - MD2000HT 55 Racks/Hr Door-Type Dishwasher

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Commercial dishwasher
Style: Door Type
Temperature: High Temperature
Ship Weight: 300 lbs.;
Amps: 65;
Booster Heater Included: Yes;
Booster Wattage: 8 kW;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 66.38" x 30.88" x 26";
Dishwasher Type: Door-Type;
Door Location: Front;
Horsepower: 1;
Hz.: 60;
Incoming Water Temperature: 110°F;
Interior Clearance: 17.38";
Phase: 1/3;
Rack Included: No;
Racks per Hour: 55;
Rinse Temperature: High-Temp;
Tank Usage: 5.2 kW;
Voltage: 208 - 240;
Wash Cycle: 60 seconds;
Wash Tank Capacity: 10 gal.;
Water Used: .9 gal/rack;

Door-type dishwashers are a staple found in many restaurants, bars and cafés because they can quickly and easily wash a large quantity and wide variety of dishes. The 55 Racks/Hr Door-Type Dishwasher (MD2000HT) from Moyer Diebel, however, stands out from the rest for its incredible versatility. For example, it includes a built-in booster heater configured to provide either a 40° or a 70° rinse depending on your incoming water temperature. Additionally, the dishwasher can be easily converted in the field from 208-240 volts, single phase to three phase and even straight-through operation to corner, making it perfect for practically any establishment or situation. It is even Energy Star® certified, and it features the Rinse Sentry program which constantly monitors water temperature and ensures a 180°F final rinse every time. Features

Automatic tank fill;
Splash-proof controls;
Energy Star® certified;
Single point connection;
Washes up to 55 racks every hour;
Built-in detergent/chemical connections;
Equipped with a high efficiency 1 Hp pump;
Auto-start feature starts the machine when the doors are closed;

Water pump is incredibly efficient, rated at a powerful 1 HP and drains automatically;
Built-in booster heater has been preconfigured to provide either 40° or 70° rinse depending on need;
Interchangeable upper and lower wash arms make cleaning much simpler and reduces operator error;
Field-convertible from 208 to 240 volt, single to three phase and corner to straight through operation;
Rinse Sentry ensures constantly monitors water temperature to ensure that every final rinse is at least 180°F;

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