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Scotsman - C1030SR-3 1000 lb Modular Cube Ice Machine - Prodigy® Series


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Ship Weight: 230 lbs.; 24 Hour Yield: 1,000 lbs.; Amps: 15; Condenser: Remote; Cube Size: Full; Hz.: 60; Ice Machine Type: Modular; Ice Type: Cube; Phase: 3; Power Usage: 5 kWh/100 lbs.; Product Details If you're trying to revamp your food service operation so it is more environmentally sustainable, get started by installing the robust 1000 lb Modular Cube Ice Machine - Prodigy® Series (C1030SR-3). This option uses significantly less energy and water than some other models on the market, allowing it to help you meet your goal. Preventative maintenance is also made simpler, as well, thanks to a handy diagnostic code display panel. Features Upkeep becomes more efficient than you've imagined, all because the machine has intelligent indicator lights to let you know what needs to happen and when; The machine is fitted with an adaptive purge control feature that reduces scale build up so you don't have to clean the internal parts as frequently; Make things hassle free by getting an optional ultrasonic ice level controller that you can program to match specific needs, even if they change by the day; Benefits Shiny exterior finish gives an aesthetically pleasing touch to your food service kitchen; Removable panels let you efficiently access the parts inside for maintenance or troubleshooting; Compatible with the SmartBoard that can provide additional information about operation;

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