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Scotsman - CU0715MA-1 70 lb Self-Contained Undercounter Cube Ice Machine - Essential™ Series


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Ship Weight: 102 lbs.; 24 Hour Yield: 70 lbs.; Amps: 15; Condenser: Air; Cube Size: Full; Dimensions (H x W x D): 38" x 15" x 24"; Hz.: 60; Ice Bin Type: Storage Bin; Ice Machine Type: Combo Unit; Ice Storage Capacity: 36 lbs.; Ice Type: Cube; Phase: 1; Power Usage: 11 kWh/100 lbs.; Voltage: 115; Product Details Shopping for an ice machine may not be as fun as shopping for a new truck, but surprisingly, there are striking similarities between the two. Just like truck shopping, the first things you want to look in an ice machine are size, performance and haul. Equivalent to a smaller, high-performance truck, the 70 lb Self-Contained Undercounter Cube Ice Machine - Essential™ Series (CU0715MA-1) from Scotsman is the perfect choice for businesses that don’t use huge quantities of ice. SIZE Every inch of your business is valuable space - space that should be utilized the best way possible. Undercounter ice machines happen to take up just the right amount of cubic space and can conveniently be placed underneath counters so they’re close and within reach. PERFORMANCE Just because your business doesn’t use as much ice as say a movie theater, constantly serving soft drinks, doesn’t mean you don’t need a machine that’s packing some power. This undercounter cuber is meant for steady production. With the power to produce up to 80 lbs a day, you can always assure you have enough ice on hand. HAUL Production is one thing, but what can it carry? This self-contained ice machine can store up to 36 lbs at a time. As you go through the day, the ice machine produces and stores what it makes all within the built storage bin. BONUS FEATURES Bonus! The footprint this machine leaves behind is minimal. Not only does it meet US Federal energy efficiency requirements, this Scotsman undercounter uses a non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

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