Scotsman - F0822R-1 800 lb Modular Flake Ice Machine - Prodigy® Series

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Product Type:
Ice machine
Storage Bin: No
Configuration: Modular
Ice Type: Flake
Ship Weight: 175 lbs.;
24 Hour Yield: 800 lbs.;
Amps: 25;
Condenser: Remote;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 23" x 22.9" x 24";
Hz.: 60;
Ice Machine Type: Modular;
Ice Type: Flake;
Phase: 1;
Power Usage: 5.1 kWh/100 lbs.;
Voltage: 115;

Product Details

There is more to an ice machine than just making ice and, ideally, you want one that is a match for your kitchen. The 800 lb Modular Flake Ice Machine - Prodigy® Series (F0822R-1) is able to produce the quantities of ice required for your business in a timely manner. It is also a professional looking piece of equipment that will not look out of place in the kitchen of your establishment. By using flake ice you can keep food such as salad bar fruits and veggies looking crisp and appealing for longer.


The machine constantly communicates its operating status so there is no guessing when it comes to the question of when to descale or sanitize it.;
Cleaning is made much quicker and convenient through the use of removable panels that allow access to the internal components of the machine.;
The machine has support for optional components such as a Smart-Board that can display operational data and an ice level control sensor to program ice levels in advance.;


This machine is able to create up to 800lbs of flake style ice in a day.;
The stainless steel finish is a match for any professional kitchen.;
The durable design of the ice machine means it won't let you down even with constant use.;

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